Oh Spring how I love you! We have had a busy week around here and the craziness has just begun!! Calving has started and I love seeing the little ones running around outside in the sun. Hope to get out there in the lot soon to get some cute photos. I sometimes wish I could […]

I was gone all day Friday shooting an engagement session (post to follow this one) so I was unable to post my weekly blog that day. Then yesterday it was 83 degrees!! After I got done editing my session, I went outside and stayed there the rest of the day. So, here we are two […]

It seems as though spring is in the air! It was in the mid 60s on Monday and even low 70s on Tuesday! The wind has picked up, but the warm weather has returned for the end of the week and weekend. My son and I definitely took advantage of the nice weather and ran […]

It looks as if March is coming in like a lamb up here in Northern Nebraska. We are suppose to get some nice weather early next week, and I hope that holds true! I did, however, see the destruction of the early tornadoes down south. This weather is absolutely crazy this year. Makes me curious […]

Is it really almost the end of February? This Winter has seemed not existent this year, am I right? However, yesterday the wind was blowing HARD here in Nebraska. I am a really good sleeper, and it woke me up! Needless to say, my Son and I stayed inside for the day. I was looking […]

This project has been great for my personal growth. In the past I have gone weeks without touching my camera because of other things going on. This year I wanted to change that. I have gotten back into looking at things and envisioning a beautiful photograph. Sometimes they turn out, sometimes not. But as long […]

I completely forgot about my weekly photo yesterday!! It’s a bit chilly today, so I brought out my toy blocks that I purchased for sessions. The odd thing about these blocks is that each side is different and no two blocks are the same. I used to think this was rather annoying especially while at […]




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Kyleen Olson is a  Shields Valley Montana Wedding and Portrait Photographer that specializes in capturing the imperfect moments of life. She loves helping her clients to find the authentic moments and spending her Sundays with her family.

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