Friday Photo Week 10

It seems as though spring is in the air! It was in the mid 60s on Monday and even low 70s on Tuesday! The wind has picked up, but the warm weather has returned for the end of the week and weekend.

My son and I definitely took advantage of the nice weather and ran around the yard. We didn’t have any trees in our yard at our old house, and here at our new house, we have quite a few! I am very excited about this, as I grew up with swings and tree houses, and I want the same for my son.

There is a little cluster of trees at the Y of our driveway and my son loves hiding behind them and jumping out at the dog. Now, the dog doesn’t find this as amusing, lol. I am thrilled that my son finds so much joy in the trees. We have a tire swing and he giggles whenever he is on it. Lots of memories made here, I’m sure!

I wanted to bust out my camera, as I haven’t gotten a lot of photos of my son here yet. I wanted to capture his long eye lashes that make me melt. He put up with my camera banter pretty well. What really made me laugh was the next day, he picked up his play camera and was telling me “turn around Momma, say cheese!” and then would “click” and show me the photo. Oh I was laughing so hard! Apparently, I am always telling him to “turn around” and look at me. Oh how I love my child!
Happy Friday! Get outside for a bit this weekend!

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