Friday Photo Week 12

Oh Spring how I love you! We have had a busy week around here and the craziness has just begun!! Calving has started and I love seeing the little ones running around outside in the sun. Hope to get out there in the lot soon to get some cute photos. I sometimes wish I could bring them in the house! Then I remember when we did have one or two in the past, and hate the clean up! lol

I am so in love with our lifestyle, it makes me smile everyday. The fact that my son and I can walk around our yard for hours and find new things to look at. He “counts” the cows in the morning (this is more like 2, 8, 5, 2, lol. He is only 2.5 after all!) and gives me a calf estimate (almost always is 2-8, has yet to happen, lol). Riding in the tractors, visiting his horse, and running free with his dog, this is the life!

The fact that his Dad works right outside our door thrills my son! He can run out to the fence and watch his Daddy drag meadows and wave each time he drives by. I feel very blessed. Especially since I was raised in the suburbs!
Again, loving this weather and could hang out outside all day 🙂
Enjoy your weekend!!

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