Friday Photo Week 8

Is it really almost the end of February? This Winter has seemed not existent this year, am I right? However, yesterday the wind was blowing HARD here in Nebraska. I am a really good sleeper, and it woke me up! Needless to say, my Son and I stayed inside for the day.

I was looking up a homemade play dough recipe, and all the ones I found called for cream of tarter. Now, is this a staple in kitchens? Am I the only one that has never purchased this? lol Seeing as we live 60 minutes from the nearest grocery store, it’s not as if I could just pick some up. So, I compromised and mixed good ole flour and water.

One cup water and two cups flour to be exact. Now, we had to add some more flour here and there to make it “doughy”, but that was the fun part!
At first it was pretty sticky, and messy, but after we played with it awhile it didn’t stick as much. It had a stretchy quality to it, not unlike bread dough. It would bounce back into a ball when put into a certain shape, which was fun to watch. Oh it was hours of entertainment!! I stored it in a plastic container until I can make the real stuff next week. Though, I have no complaints over this recipe at all. 
Good cold, windy day fun!! Happy Friday!!

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