Friday Photo Week 18 & 19 {Nebraska Photographer}

Ah, as expected I didn’t get a blog posted last week as I was on the road. My son and I drove from our home in northern Nebraska to Minneapolis, MN to my future in-laws. We drove through driving rain, and it turns out we were behind a band of storms that included some tornadoes…not fun. We made it safely and had a wonderful time with my fiance’s family.

cutting the cake at my MN bridal shower…oh so good!!

On Monday, my mother and son and I drove from Minneapolis to my parent’s house in the Upper Peninsula of MI. It was uneventful and long. It’s nice to be sitting here looking at the lake. I always love coming up here. I have yet to go into town, just been relaxing and catching up on my rest. My son is having a blast with the VERY large cat my parents have. Ok, he’s my cat from college and when I moved to MN M wouldn’t let me bring him! lol He is massive now, and sheds like crazy. Sparty (the cat) is so good with my son. They play and when he has had enough he goes and hides. Then I get asked “Mom, where kitty go?”, too funny.

Spartacus Cosmopolitan (Sparty Cosmo)

I am posting my Friday post today because tomorrow I try on wedding dresses!! I am nervous and excited. I know what I want and have an idea in my head, but we will see if it looks as good on me in person. We are going to have our own “bridal room” and my sister, mom, niece and little man will be with me. Will keep you posted if I find “the one”!

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! I am so happy I get to spend it with my sister and Mom!


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