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As you know, I have been traveling with my son the last couple of weeks. I visited my in-laws and my parent’s house. I did some relaxing at my Mom’s (didn’t do half the things I had planned on doing), and then the wildness began!

I found my wedding dress, oh it’s nothing like I thought I would get. I had imagined a plain white dress growing up, then had thoughts of this lace keyhole back gown. I did go with the lace and straps, other then that it is NOTHING like I thought I would get. I love it!

My sister, mother and bridesmaid (my long time friend of 26 years) put on a beautiful bridal shower for me. I was blessed yet again with items M and I need. My son even got to taste pop for the first time! Yes, I am a mother that will NOT give my toddler pop. Oh and he snuck a sip of my champagne punch, lol. Thankfully he didn’t puke.

Oh and then the bachelorette party. Let’s just say this~ it was a blast! My girls know how to party!

I leave you this week with a photo of my absolute favorite place in the whole world. Lake Superior. No matter where I call home, this will forever be my HOME.

Happy Friday everyone!! 

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