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Ah, Friday again. A week from today I will be on the road with my little man on our way to my future in-law’s. It will be the first of many road trips in the following two weeks. Bridal showers and family time, I love it! So, please forgive me if I miss next week or it’s a day or two late.

So, this week I decided to reveal more personal information, don’t worry I won’t get TOO personal!

Growing up my Mother always told me that the way her Mother taught her how to cook was, “She gave me The Joy of Cooking cookbook and said to me, ‘You know how to read, you know how to cook'”. So, obviously, this is what my Mother did to “teach” me. I do not recommend this method of learning how to cook and M will attest to that.

When I moved in with M seven and a half years ago, I had my Joy of Cooking cook book, and I was ready…or so I thought. Seriously, we ate spaghetti, tacos, and I think I made meatloaf once, other then that it was Hamburger Helper. Wow, it’s amazing I didn’t weigh 300lbs.

When we moved into our house I got more creative. Purely because the previous owner had forgotten her recipe box and she had some really good ones in there! Spaghetti and tacos were still on the menu, but casseroles were added to the list. We got a grill and M started to cook more, well, grill anyways. Until we moved to Colorado, we had a steady menu of over and over and over again meals.

When I became a stay at home mom I vowed to try new meals. By this time I had perfected most back goods (my cookies, I’m not afraid to say, are amazing!) and I tried a new meal every week. Most of them didn’t make the cut. I once made BBQ beef with cornbread on top, it sounded good at the time…the dog wouldn’t even eat it, oops. The ones that make the grade get put in my giant book of recipes, pretty much a three ringed binder with the print outs.

My Recipe go-to
The best thing about all these new recipes is the ones we really like, we have when we have our parents visiting. Most of the time, my parents will ask for the recipe and they make it all the time too!
Over the last two and a half years we have tried lots and M has even started cooking more. He loves making Peach Cobbler and Chili (I don’t dare try to replicate them, it never tastes the same).
I am glad I can share this with M. I hope when we are old and grey we are still finding new recipes to make together. Oh and Pinterest is the best site to find new recipes! Made one today with oatmeal and peanut butter, the little man LOVES it! And it’s good for him! No worries, I won’t be starting a cooking blog anytime soon.
Happy Friday! Go make something new this weekend and tell me how it turns out!

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