It is no lie that I LOVE light. I mean, I live and breath by the lighting of a session or wedding. If there is overcast, that’s totally fine, gives us more options on locations. But give me some flare, and I am in heaven.   That’s why timing is so important for natural light […]

Portraits should be fun. Any kind of portrait session should show you for who you are. Who you are right this moment. If you are a goofy family, then you should be goofing off.   Case in point. My sister’s family.   My brother-in-law is the least serious person I know. He makes jokes about […]

2017 Portrait contest details…

Print your photos! 

To what the future holds….

One of the best moments of 2016 right here…

It was hard to get started, and frankly I am surprised I am still here. 

My first ever Child’s Portrait contest! So excited! 

A lost art has found it’s way into my heart….

I have worked with this family on many occasions and I love it each time! The kids seem to warm up to me more and more each time and their oldest always says hi to me when I am in the elementary school, I love that!  We did a children’s session, then a family session […]




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Kyleen Olson is a  Shields Valley Montana Wedding and Portrait Photographer that specializes in capturing the imperfect moments of life. She loves helping her clients to find the authentic moments and spending her Sundays with her family.

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