It’s all about timing~ Family Portraits {Southern Minnesota Family Photographer}

It is no lie that I LOVE light. I mean, I live and breath by the lighting of a session or wedding. If there is overcast, that’s totally fine, gives us more options on locations. But give me some flare, and I am in heaven.


That’s why timing is so important for natural light photographers. I know when my favorite time of day is each season of the year. Fall it can almost be any time. Oh fall light is pretty epic anytime after noon.

Summer gets tricky. We have such long days, that sessions tend to be more toward the evening. Usually after 5:30pm, but ideally even after 7pm. Now, this depends on the forecast. Again, if it is overcast, any time of day, any time of year will be perfect. And I tend to shoot earlier in the evening, since it will get darker earlier.

I understand that evening doesn’t always work for families. I, myself, am a strict parent when it comes to bedtime. My kids are in bed by 7:30/8:00 p.m. Yup, and in the summer it’s no later than 8:30. Yes, before the sun goes down. So, photos for my kids are best right after supper. They are the happiest and will be the most compliant. Really little kids might not have the best attitudes closer to the evening. I get that. I will work with you and do my best to work with your ideal time. I love me some back lighting from the sun, but if we can’t do it in the evening, I will get my booty out of bed early in the morning 🙂

Regardless of the time of day, I will do my best to utilize the light I am given the best I can. Oh how I love light, and I love having fun with my KOP families!


I would love to be the one to capture some family memories for you. Remember, my schedule is VERY limited this June and July. Please contact me soon if you want a session in those months!


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