I adore this family. They are very close to my heart. My husband works for them, and even though we have only been here for nine months, they opened up their home for our wedding. That’s right, they let a bunch of people they didn’t know into their home and let us get married […]

Ah, here we are again! I feel like my blog as been neglected. Please forgive me. We are getting married in a week and a half and things are CRAZY around here, but in a good way! 😀 To recap you on what this blog post is about. A group of fellow photographers and I […]

Here we are again! It’s that time of the month. A little recap as we are now halfway through our color challenge! A group of fellow photographers and I got together and decided to challenge ourselves. Each month we have a different color or colors that we have to photograph. The subject can be anything […]

Here we are in the middle of April already. Things are blooming and the weather is on it’s way! Well, that’s what we are told. Tomorrow is going to be a doozie. We need the rain, so we have to take our blessings as they come to us. This week I am posting some photos […]

As you know by now, I am participating in a color blog challenge with some fellow photographers. It’s a way to challenge ourselves throughout the year. March was green and/or yellow/gold.  Since it has been unseasonably warm this spring, my Son and I have been outside quite a bit. He LOVES to go “fishing” in […]

Oh Spring how I love you! We have had a busy week around here and the craziness has just begun!! Calving has started and I love seeing the little ones running around outside in the sun. Hope to get out there in the lot soon to get some cute photos. I sometimes wish I could […]

As promised this week’s photo(s) is from last weekend’s Heart City Bull Bash in Valentine, NE Having never attended a Bull Bash, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised, I must say. It isn’t just a day for Ranchers and Cattle men and women. There are many more activities to make it […]

As many of you already know, I am a Rancher’s wife. We live miles out of town, we are surrounded by beautiful undeveloped country, and enjoy being horseback for an afternoon. I like the seclusion (though some wouldn’t) and the fact that my husband and I depend on each other for company. The great thing […]




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