A big part of my life…

As many of you already know, I am a Rancher’s wife. We live miles out of town, we are surrounded by beautiful undeveloped country, and enjoy being horseback for an afternoon. I like the seclusion (though some wouldn’t) and the fact that my husband and I depend on each other for company.

The great thing about this life, is the opportunity for great photographs. That is initially what got me interested in photography, the lovely scenery, the animals and the action!

Each year ranches all over our area (and country) brand and vaccinate their calves. It’s a big neighborhood event and people come from all over to help out. We haven’t had our branding yet, but our neighbors did, and my husband was there to help. I came along with our Son and tried to snap as many photos as I could while keeping him out of trouble. Of course, a lot of my photos are of my Husband (which sometimes gets to him, lol). Hoping to get more at our branding!


Another order of business in the Spring is putting cattle out to pasture. This year we have A LOT of water in our meadows and moving a bunch of yearling heifers across water…not easy. With good help, they got it done! 
Like I said…lots of water

Picking flowers while waiting on top of the hill…
I have to say, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else with life. Being able to indulge in many of my passions at once. Thinking back to 10 years ago, I would never have been able to predict this life for myself.
Life is good…now that it isn’t snowing ;-)
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