Journaling~ Gifting time of reflection {Colorado Portrait Photographer}

My good friends over at GroovyGifts are at it again!

They recently started the website Memorable Gifts. When Joe contacted me about trying out one of their items, I of course jump at the chance.

Then I saw it…


The leather journal.

He was totally speaking my language. I LOVE to journal. So much so that  I have begun to collect them. I have filled one (it took me 19 years, but I did it!) and am halfway through another.

This is the next one on my list to use. I love that there is a bookmark attached, and a latch to keep it closed. Rolling around in my backpack, my journals tend to get a little beat up.

It is three books bound together, so it has a lot of pages to fill.


The best part? You can personalize it. I chose my favorite bible verse. I live by this on a daily basis.

Journaling for me is my time to think of my future, what I want it to look like. It also gives me time to reflect on the present and what I want to change, or grow.

I encourage you to pick up a journal in 2020. You will be amazed how light you will feel after writing all your thoughts down. Sometimes seeing them on paper make them feel silly, or strong, or bright. Depending on your mood.

So, if you are looking for a great gift for a friend, I highly recommend this memorable journal! It is on my gift list for sure!


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