Kara~ Shields Valley Class of 2020 Senior {Northern Colorado Senior Photographer}

I am trying to catch up with blog posts before the next senior season hits. I know, I am terribly behind!

Let’s flash back to Kara’s sessions this last summer and fall.

I love when my seniors decide to do two sessions. It gives us that much more time to get creative and really make them shine.



The summer session was on an evening that was looking very sketchy. There were huge clouds coming over the mountains but we had some beautiful light when we started. So we hopped on the four wheeler and headed toward the woods and creek.



I love how these images turned out! Not long after this we felt some sprinkles so we high tailed it back to the house.



Before the storm really hit, we stepped into the grass for some windy photos. Like I mentioned before, wind can be a nice tool.

We hung out for a good 20 minutes and watched the clouds. We debated about rescheduling, about waiting, and eventually we decided to just wait it out.



Am I glad we did! The sun came out and gave us this beautiful rainbow. This was the second time this happened that summer!



Sometimes waiting out the storm is the best option.



Kara came back in the fall and had a perfect overcast sky.



You would never know in these creek photos but we had to be REALLY loud because of a bear sighting earlier in the day. We laughed, banged sticks, and just got silly. Thank goodness my seniors are adventurous!


We then walked down the lane with a smoke bomb. I was waiting for the guys (who were stacking hay nearby) to come see what was going on. They probably figured it was me up to something!

I love clouds. They can make a photo just a tad bit more dramatic and the light is always perfect.


Thank you Kara, for trusting me with your senior portraits! Good luck in all you do! Your future looks bright!


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