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I am going to start something new. Every Tuesday, I will do a post with some helpful hints and tips. It could be about taking photos, how to prepare for sessions, frequently asked questions, etc.

Let’s kick it off this week with a photo taking tip!

Most of us know the “rules” of photography. Don’t cut off their head, don’t cut off at joints, rule of thirds, etc. I say?

Rules are made to be broken.

Photography is art. Photography is the view of the photographer. Will it be the same for everyone? Of course not.

Do we all love asparagus? We should, but no, not everyone loves it. Same with photography. We are all different and view things differently.

Shoot what YOU want. We can get technical, we can critique until we are blue in the face. But if the photographer loves it, that’s all that matters.


Get close. Don’t be afraid to crop in close on your subjects. Show their emotion, connect with them.

I want to see your photos!

If you have a DSLR and want to learn more about it, please contact me! I offer classes! I want you to use your camera to it’s fullest potential.



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