~M&K~ Say I Do! May 5, 2018 Wedding {Southern Minnesota Wedding Photographer}

I met Matt and Katie last year and was so excited they chose my team and I to photograph their wedding. It was truly an amazing day! Katie knew exactly what she wanted and that made my job so easy!

These two are perfect for one another, and Katie is so supportive of her man in uniform.

Here’s their love story:

“Matthew and I were introduced to each other by Matt’s best friend in college as we were both attending Alexandria Technical. I knew Austin, Matt’s best friend, but I didn’t know Matt. Matt started talking to me and we set up our first date—pizza and a movie—and as soon as I saw him that night I knew I was going to marry him.June 19, 2017–the proposal 🙂 It was a Monday night so I had coed softball and Matt and my parents came to watch. Once the games were over Matt and I went home and decided it was still nice enough out that we should go for a bike ride in town. Matt decided the way we were going to take as he always love to ride faster than me. We started riding towards Independence Park like we had done several times in the past. We got to the park and went on the trails around the pond and when we were about to head out of the park and home Matt pretended that his shoe lace got caught in the bike so he had to stop and sit on the bench to retie his shoe. I turned around and went back and he said “let’s just sit here for a bit.” So I did and he couldn’t stop smiling at me. I then asked him what he was smiling so much for and he proceeded to say it was nothing. I then, jokingly, said “if you are going to do it just do it!” And right then and there he got down on one knee, pulled the ring out of his backpack and asked me to spend the rest of his life with him. Of course I screamed “YES!!” From there we got to begin planning for our big day!**just got goosebumps remembering it all** :)”


Katie’s dress was amazing!


I loved their details.



Katie wanted a first look with her dad. I definitely teared up….

From the bride:

“The most anticipated moment for me was doing the first look with my dad and then with Matt. I knew I wanted to do a first look with just my dad before I saw Matt because I am the only daughter and I wanted to do something special with him. I also knew him and I needed to let out some happy tears before I saw Matt so I was so happy I could share a special moment like that with my dad. Matt’s most anticipated moment was definitely seeing me for the first time. He told me after the ceremony that he was more nervous to see me for the first time than he was to actually be in front of everyone at the church during the ceremony. When I asked him why he was nervous/anticipating that moment he said it was because he really wanted to see what I looked like and what dress I picked—FYI my husband is one who HATES not knowing something so this was one thing about the whole day that he couldn’t know anything about so he was very ready to see what I picked and what I looked like. It was great! :)”


Her girls were too cute!

I love that their videographer had them read letters they wrote each other. It is such a sweet moment.

Oh their portraits were devine…


Ah, I love this one!!

I love this church. So much light!

This moment before they walked down the isle is perfection. I may do this every wedding now!

Katie’s parents planned on singing a song during the ceremony, but Katie didn’t know what it would be. It was an emotional moment.

That newly wedded glow!

Ah! Smoke photos! A new favorite!

They came in to the reception cuffed together. For life <3

Let’s be real…I do it for the cake 😉

What a fun group!

They partied the night away!

I wish nothing but the best for these two. They are amazing and perfect for each other. I can’t wait to work with them again!

Some wedding day advice from the bride:

“At the end of the day you will be husband and wife—that is literally all that matters. No one will know if things didn’t go as planned or if they did. Just enjoy the day, focus on your husband/wife to be and remember that the day is all about you two and no one else!”


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