I love a good love story… {Southern Minnesota Wedding Photographer}

I love hearing the love stories of my wedding clients. I always ask how they met, and hearing the funny little stories. Sometimes it is total fate, sometimes they have known each other forever and then feelings evolved. 

I love the saying, “every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.” It’s true, the story of how my husband and I ended up together is my absolute favorite of them all. 

I had just graduated from Michigan State University and began working on a horse farm. I literally lived in the barn. No joke. I cleaned stalls and exercised horses, pretty much my dream job after studying horse management. 

My boss invited me to a rodeo with his friend and some of his friend’s classmates. His friend was in an equine dentistry class and his classmates were from England and Minnesota. I am not one to turn down an invitation to a rodeo, so I went along. I was not looking for anything at the time. I was enjoying my life. 

During the rodeo, I never got a chance to talk to Matt (the boy from Minnesota), but noticed how good looking he was. We all ended up going dancing afterward and Matt and I got a chance to talk. He was cute, he was single, and only in town for one more week!

We ended up going on a date before he left, I traveled to Minnesota to visit him once, and he came to visit me over Labor Day weekend. 

That was it. I turned into that girl that chases the boy. I packed my stuff, quit my job and moved to Minnesota. I was THAT GIRL and I didn’t care. I was young and ready for an adventure. In my head the worst thing that would happen was I would come home, no big deal. 

Enjoying a campfire in 2006

Enjoying a campfire in 2006

That was 12 years ago. We have since lived in Minnesota (3 years), South Dakota (1 year), Colorado (3 years), Nebraska (1 year) and now back in Minnesota. In that time we had our wonderful son, got married and had our beautiful daughter.

Photo Credit: Chelsie Moreland Photography

Photo Credit: Chelsie Moreland Photography

Our first baby... Photo credit: Chelsie Moreland Photography

Our first baby… Photo credit: Chelsie Moreland Photography

We have been through a lot, it hasn’t been easy. But it is all worth it. I often think “what if”

What if I never worked at the farm?

What if I had decided to stay in school (which was my original plan)?

What if Matt had gone to equine dentistry school in Texas (which was his original plan)?

But none of that happened. We followed the path that was set for us. God had a plan. He knew the two of us would make each other better people. We both love horses, we both love to live in the country, and hate city life. We are also free spirits and embrace change. 

Fall of 2015 Photo credit: Red Barn Photography

Fall of 2015 Photo credit: Red Barn Photography

Each love story is perfect in it’s own way. The stars alined when the two of you met and God knew what He was doing when He put you together. Whether you are friends first and one day things change, or you meet each other and just know immediately. You are together for a reason. 

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