Wedding Tip Wednesday~ Before Photos {Montana Wedding Photographer}

I want to start something new this year, I am going to try to be better about blogging. Not only to get my name out there again (man, it is hard work!), but also to help if I can.

So here we are with the first Wedding Tip Wednesday blog post!

I want to help couples that are planning make the most of the experience. To share some insight and maybe help them with this very fun and stressful time!

My first tip:

As you begin this amazing journey of finding your vendors, choosing those special people to stand next to you, and picking that perfect date…

Enjoy. It. All.

Soak it up. Soak up the stressful moments. Soak up the disappointments as you may not get the vendors you hoped for. Soak it up. If you are just starting, it may seem like it will be forever before your wedding day gets here. Or maybe it’s right around the corner and the little details are all falling into place, or scattered about the floor. 

Enjoy it. 

Before you know it, you will be married (the best part of all of it in my opinion!) and the day will be over. So enjoy it all and revel in the fact that you are planning your wedding. You are marrying your person. This is a big deal.

Now this leads me to my forte, photography. When I receive inquiries for weddings I always ask my couple how long they want me to be there. Couples typically know about how much time they want covered and of course want the most important parts documented by a professional.

Do not discount the details.

Do not forget the getting ready photos.

I usually recommend at least six hours of coverage, at least. With an hour, to 90 minutes before the ceremony for getting ready photos.

You want the details captured. You put a lot of effort into your colors, special pieces, make sure you have those photos.

Your dress. You said yes to it, you will only where it once. Having a nice hangar may seem frivolous, but it makes so much difference with your dress photos. And you should have dress photos.


Your flowers, decorations, all tell your story.

When you arrive at your venue, walk around, look for special spots that your phototographer can use for your dress and detail photos. I personally love it when my brides know exactly where they want their dress hung.

Finding unique places for the details can be so much fun. Showing off where you decided to get married.

One more tip for today…

Write letters to each other to read before the wedding..

You do not need to read them out loud, you do not need to show anyone. You could even read them privately while your photographer captures the emotions.

Write how you are feeling about the day.

Write about your first date.

Write about how happy you are that the day has finally arrived.

It doesn’t have to be long, just from the heart. You won’t regret it.


That is all for now, tune in next week (yes, I WILL be on top of it!) for another round of Wedding Tip Wednesday! Feel free to reach out with questions, I love helping couples plan their day!



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