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I know, I know, I do this every year. I say I am going to blog, and then the year is over and no blogs!

I am going to try to be better this year.

I want to kick this year off with my trip to Michigan and the awesomeness that happened.

Of course, any trip to Michigan is a good trip. I got to see my family, venture around Detroit with all the Christmas lights and enjoy some traveling. (I will have a separate post with all the downtown photos I took).

First up, my nephew, Stewart….

Let me preface this by saying it was a windy, chilly, weekend, however, nothing too outrageous.

We went all over Detroit for Stew’s photos trying to find some cool architecture and light.

The GM Renaissance Center was on that list for sure…the lines were fascinating…

This kid has a laid back attitude and a great sense of humor.

The Campus Martius was all decorated for Christmas and the green spaces were amazing.

When did he grow up?!


He tolerated my ideas, and laughed through it. I think he secretly had fun!


If you have good hair, we are going to use it for poses! haha!

The kid has been in skates since he was three years old.

A stop at Little Cesars Arena was a must.

I am so glad I was able to capture this moment in Stewart’s life. He is going places, even if he doesn’t know where yet.

Next up was Morgan. He came prepared with different looks and ideas.

Another stop at Campus Martius and there were many more people around at this time of day. We may have gotten yelled at a few times! haha!

I loved capturing the urban photos. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mountains and nature that I am around daily at home, however, sometimes it is nice to get out of my comfort zone.


He made my job easy to say the least!

Morgan was a good sport as well. He wasn’t afraid of my ideas.

We ended at the Detroit riverfront and the light was pretty perfect. If you have been here awhile, you know that I am obsessed with light!

Morgan and his family were so much fun to work with and I was so pleased to capture his senior year!

Thank you so much for letting me!

Last, but certainly not least, is Sierra.

I actually started with her and her family that weekend. It was WINDY down at the Port Huron Blue Water Bridge walk, however, we toughed it out and had just enough time before it got pretty epic.


Funny story, if you happened to drive to Port Huron on 94, it takes you right into Canada. Like, if you do not pay attention, you are there and it is impossible to turn around.

I was driving to this session and panicked when all the signs kept warning me not to keep driving or I’d end up across the boarder. When I was 18 this would be no big deal, we did this every weekend in college, however, with the world the way it is now, that would not be good! I jumped off the freeway and my GPS had to “reroute” me through some places but I made it. And didn’t end up in Canada. Good times.

The bridge was an amazing backdrop, I will say. And we found some amazing light that morning.

Sierra was a trooper and even when she felt silly, she trusted my ideas. It was so much fun!


I tell you what, these kids, or young adults I should say, make my job so easy. We laugh, tell silly stories, and get amazing images.

I will be honest, when I arrived at the riverwalk, I was hesitant that we would find good light, or I would run out of ideas for places, but let me tell you, we could have been there all day.

And I would still find new places to shoot. However, the wind literally blew us out of there!

Thank you, Sierra for allowing me to capture your senior year! I had so much fun!


A big thank you to everyone that allowed me to capture some moments for them while I was in town. I love Michigan and any excuse to visit is a good one!


Class of 2023~ Now is the time to think about your senior portraits! Outfits, locations, time of year, etc. Don’t wait!


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