The Force is Strong with this One ~ Star Wars Inspired Shoot {Shields Valley Photographer}

Let’s kick off 2019 by looking back at a GREAT session.

I can’t believe I never blogged this. It was truly amazing to say the least.

I have to say, by far, this was my favorite session of 2018. My dear friend wanted photos of her Star Wars crazed kids in their amazing costumes. We couldn’t just take them anywhere, they had to be done in a location that looked like the films.

Then she mentioned Badlands National Park in South Dakota.

Hello Tattoine!

We made the road trip and it was totally worth it. While walking around people made comments about the costumes and being “on location.” Some actually asked if Star Wars had been filmed there. Um, I don’t think so. But it certainly could have been!


How great are these costumes?! They really got into their roles.

Making “the force” was fun, not easy, but man did it turn out cool!

Had to get Jedi meditation photos.

Addison related more to a Jedi than Princess Leia.


Tovin was pretty brave standing on top of rocks, then he was all over them the rest of the time!

I love these silhouettes.

My kids tagged along for this trip and I couldn’t resist getting some photos of them. We LOVE Star Wars!

My little Princess Leia. She didn’t last long with photos.

Shaw, aka Luke, on the otherhand, he was all about it!

Thank you Kainz family for letting me capture this for you. It was truly a memorable session. I will never forget it.

If you have a session idea, please do not hesitate to talk to me about it. Let’s make some of these dreams a reality!


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