My mitten state Class of 2019 seniors {Traveling Senior Photographer}

In June I traveled to Michigan to capture my niece’s senior photos. I am in still in shock that she is a senior this year.

While I was there I was able to capture some more seniors and loved every minute! We were able to visit locations that I have never shot. It was incredible, and oh so much fun!

The weekend started with Shane. We toured around Detroit and found some amazing locations.


I don’t get into the city much. This was great for this small town girl.

Detroit is Hockeytown and we had to visit Joe Lewis Arena. It is an iconic building for the city. It will be a sad day when it comes down.

Couldn’t think of a better location for this hockey guy!

Next was my cousin Jeremy. I hadn’t seen him in years, he has grown up so much!

We headed to Belle Isle and took a little hike in the misty rain.

My niece tagged along and was trying to make him laugh. Eventually we facetimed one of his friends. It got pretty entertaining.



That evening I met up with a long time friend. We hadn’t seen each other for almost 18 years. But it was as though time had never passed.

Her daughter Maddison is stunning!

There was a bridge near my childhood home that I always wanted to walk on and I finally got a chance!! I may have been giddy!

We fought the mosquitoes at the end, but it was totally worth it!


I love puppy photos!

My last night I got to meet up with my sister’s friend and daughter. I have known Anna since she was a baby. She and my niece are birthday buddies and it was great to see her again.

We headed out to Metro Beach where I had many memories of swimming. I loved the water shots.


Give me a dock and I am in love! Isn’t she gorgeous!


We may have had to be super careful of goose poop when she laid on the ground.

Thank you to all of my Michigan seniors! I hope to make this trip an annual thing. I love this area and it holds so many memories for me.

Until next time, Detroit!


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