Winter Wonderland {Southern Minnesota Portrait Photographer}

I am blessed with this passion for photography. The problem is, I live for light, beautiful scenery, and old buildings. I am constantly looking for the next great photo. Ask my husband, I am known to comment during movies on the use of light…

This day was no different.

A few weeks ago we had this frosty fog come through and it frosted everything up. I was in school and was being tortured by watching this beauty melt as the sun came out.

When I heard there would be more headed our way the next morning, I put a call out. I needed two girls and blue or red dresses. Ah! I got both! These girls were more than willing to trudge through the snow with me the next morning.

Needless to say, it was TOTALLY worth being five minutes late to school 😉


A and this dress, oh my! Perfection.


Those trees.


Then E stepped up. Gorgeous!


I hoped for just a little wind…just a bit…

I guess we get what we ask for sometimes…

Oh this girl! She is a blast!

Thank you A and E for being willing to help me make this little vision come to life. It was a blast!

I want to do MORE of these! I love snow, and love to photograph it. Please contact me if you want to schedule a winter wonderland session in your prom dress!


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