I want to start a new trend… {Southern Minnesota Wedding Photographer}

Now, this trend is already out there. I want to make it BIGGER. I want to make it something that isn’t a trend, but something that is expected. 

Unplugged weddings. 

I have seen many posts from fellow photographers about how we love unplugged weddings and why. I will be honest, I haven’t had many issues through the nine years I have been doing weddings with people getting in my way. 

Until last weekend. 


Luckily, I got a perfect shot before this guest decided to lean over the aisle. However, another shot after this was great with the bride laughing, but I couldn’t keep it because of the cell phone in the way. 

I get it. We all love a happy bride. However, this is why I am there, to capture these moments. Trust me, I will get the shot and you will like it. Please do not lean into the isle at a wedding, I will guarantee you will obscure the hired professional from doing their job. 

If you ABSOLUTELY need that shot on your phone, please stay in the pew. Wait until they are next to you. 

After the ceremony I met up with my second shooter that was seated close to the front for close ups during the ceremony. 

Immediately, she said, “Please tell me you got the kiss!” I did from the back and it turned out fine. 
“Good, someone stood up in front of me and ruined my shot!” She said exasperated. 

It broke my heart. I love getting that close up shot of the kiss. This is why myself or my second shooter will be sitting there in the first place.  

Please, if you hear the click of a camera behind you, it means there is a hired professional taking photos. Do not block their shot. Again, this is why we are there. 

I hate complaining because I love weddings and would shoot them all the time if I could (and my family wouldn’t miss me so much).

We are there for the couple. 
We are there to capture these moments. 
We will do our jobs. 

Please help us out and do not get out your phones during a ceremony. Be there with the couple. Enjoy this time and this moment where they are starting their next chapter. Put the electronics away. Especially during these key moments. 

Thank you. 


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