M & T Together Forever {Southern Minnesota engagement and wedding photographer}

M contacted me about shooting their wedding this winter. Her first concern was the height difference between her and T, I saw a super fun shoot with LOTS of lifts! 

I love a good love story: 

“We first laid eyes on each other in our women’s psychology class the fall of 2011. We were both Psychology students at SMSU. I was starting my second year, and he was on his forth. We never spoke or interacted with each other during that semester together. It was until a couple of months later, Feb 28 2012, when we ran into each other at Family Video in Marshall. Neither him nor I knew each others name. But for some reason that day he had the courage to talk to me. He made a comment about the movie “Colombiana” and our conversation took off from there. As I was leaving family video, he yells “what’s your name”. The following day I had a Facebook friend request from T. I accepted….” 

They were up for all of my crazy ideas! And we even hiked through some mud to get to this location and not one complaint! I love when my couples are all about adventure! 

“He private messages me saying ‘it’s my birthday on Friday, I would love for you to join me for supper. Here is my number, let me know of your response.’ I replied  ‘Hi, this is M’ he follows with ‘does this mean Yes?’ Our first date was on March 2, 2012. When he picked me up at my house that day, I gave him a giant birthday ballon and six Spider-Man cupcakes. I felt honored to share his birthday with him, so I made the effort to get him something. In regards to our first date, that’s a whole story on its own. But that night, after much refusal, I paid for supper and he then took me home. The next morning I received a beautiful flower arrangement and a note that said ‘Thank you for a lovely evening. I hope to spend more of those with you'” -M

Laughter was natural with these two…

Some of my favorites…the light was beautiful and T actually whispered things in M’s ear. I am not allowed to repeat 🙂 

Aug. 5 can’t come soon enough! Their wedding will be in a barn, um, PERFECT! I love barn weddings! 


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