H~ TMB Class of 2017 {Southern Minnesota Senior Photographer}

It is never too late to get your senior portraits taken. Ok, maybe if you are 30, but that’s a little extreme. 

I was so pleased when H contacted me to capture her senior year. We were hoping to some snow photos, but we had an exceptionally warm winter…so no snow. 

H is very involved in performing arts. Having participated in speech team, the one-act play, the school musical, etc. I had the idea to use the stage for some of her photos. The thing was, this was during basketball season, and our stage is in the gymnasium. 

This is when it pays to be a good kid. H called me the evening before her session to tell me that she had been approached by school staff at a basketball game and was given the keys to the school for her session. Wow. This doesn’t happen for all students. 

It goes to show that if you work hard, show respect to adults and value what is important. When I spoke to the person who was willing to let us in her comment was,

“We have those students we love….” we sure do. 

H had a hard time looking “natural” and I get that a lot. She still rocked it. 

Being a performer, I asked her to perform. She sang a beautiful song and the room filled with her voice. It was magical. 

We had a quick stop at the studio for some instrument photos. How do you take a photo with a flute and piccolo? Well, we made it work! I really like how they turned out. 

We then headed out to her family’s farm for some outside photos. It was nice since it was one of our warmer days, but alas, no snow. 

I am a horse lover, we had to get some photos her her trusty steed, even if he does have a crazy eye! 

That shilap behind her? It’s an outhouse. So cool! I grew up with a mother who collected photos of outhouses. It’s a little fascination of mine as well. Just the old buildings, the way some of them are still standing. Love it. 

H’s dog, Rosie, took off when we got there. She is known to go on adventures, but we needed her! She came back, with a little mud (she is a farm dog after all) and sat so well. You can really see the bond between these two. 

H has big dreams and there is no doubt she will achieve them. She has a big heart, great sense of humor and a supportive family behind her. She’s going places. 

Class of 2018~ it’s your turn!! Contact me soon to get in the books! My summer and fall fill up pretty quickly once the weather gets nice! 


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