Imaging USA 2015 (Southern Minnesota Photographer)

I am finally blogging my Nashville trip!! I really thought I would take more photos, but when it came down to it, I was just so busy trying to learn as much as I could, then being exhausted at night, I hardly took my camera out. However, I now know what to expect, so next time, I will shoot more! 
I was so excited to take this trip with my friend Heather of Red Barn Photography and learned so much! We flew into Nashville on Jan. 31 and we were able to go out on the town that evening. We stayed out WAY to late at the fault of the shuttle driver who decided to be a half hour late to pick us up. We stay at the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center and it was AMAZING! It is the largest hotel in America that isn’t a casino. So, we had everything we needed right there. 
Three straight days of learning, meeting and networking with new people, and I even got my first massage at the spa. Yes, I am 32 and haven’t been to spa, I am a sheltered girl 🙂 
We did go out again on Monday night and took some photos. I realized I am so much better at taking photos of people. Landscape and architecture photography is just not my forte, but I tried! 
These tap handles just looked really cool to me. 

I love how the lights pop in this one. 

I got Heather to pose for me 🙂

I tried, and I do like how some of my shots turned out. 

There was live music at almost every bar on Broadway, I had to stop and get shots through the window. 

The three floor bar. 

One of the photographers we met brought a tripod and was trying to get traffic shots. I took a stab at it. Now, this is just bracing my camera as still as possible against my body. Not bad for my first try. 

And that’s Heather. 

As photographers we are always willing to do crazy stuff to get the shot. She laid on the sidewalk, I leaned over a nasty trash can. It’s what we do. 

My favorite “window” shot. 
Oh how I can’t wait for the next Imaging I will attend in 2017. I am amazed and inspired. I am going for my certification in these next two years which will bring my photography to the next level. Get ready, it’s going to be WAY fun!! 


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