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I don’t shoot a lot of newborns, not that I don’t want to! This gives me the opportunity to snuggle a little one and then send them home 🙂 No, really newborn photos are HARD. I mean, they take a lot of patience and time. I give props to those who shoot newborns on a regular basis. 
My newborn photos are a bit different. I like to capture the baby in a natural state. Not a lot of props and fancy things. It is about how they are now because they grow SO fast! Getting shots of the family with baby I think is important as well. This is an addition to a family. 
With that said, I had so much FUN with baby R and her family. She definitely did not want to sleep! Taking newborn photos within the first 10 days of life is ideal because they are super sleepy around that time. Baby R was 12 days old. You wouldn’t think that two days would make much of a difference, but it does. Baby R was listening to my shutter and always was looking for the source of the sound, it was too cute! Parents (and brother!) were super patient, and it paid off! We got her to sleep! 
I had my thermostat cranked and a space heater in my living room so it was nice and toasty in my house. We were all sweating, but baby R was quite comfy! 
This is the look that she gave me most of our time together, too cute!
 While we waited for her to sleep we did lots of snuggle shots with mom and family. 
Finally asleep!!

 I LOVE detail shots. The little flakes of skin, sweet little toes…oh so sweet

Got a shot of big brother love. So cute!

 Sweet little bear hat from Boondocks Baby
This red blanket really popped and I love how it looks. Wrinkles and all!

Right at the end we finally got a naked sleepy baby. Enough time for one good shot 😉 Oh sweetness!
Thank you to the N family for bringing baby R to see me!! I hope to watch her grow through my lens, she is beautiful! 
I am ready for more newborns! Are you expecting? Please contact me to set up your newborn session BEFORE you give birth. If you book you maternity session AND newborn receive 10% off your newborn session! 

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