* C & J Say “I Do”!* Sandhills, NE Wedding {Southern Minnesota Traveling Wedding Photographer}

I absolutely love the Sandhills and think of them often now that we have moved. I was thrilled to have been hired for this wedding LONG before we even knew we were thinking of moving back to Minnesota. This gave me the best excuse ever to come back! 
This wedding was beautiful. Seriously. The forecast kept calling for rain and as I pulled up to the church it looked like it wanted to. The wind was blowing (normal for Nebraska) and the clouds looked angry. But as the morning unfolded, God parted the sky and it was GORGEOUS! He was certainly happy about this union! 
Warning, there are A LOT of images! Probably the most I have ever posted for a wedding. I couldn’t help myself!! 
Let me just say, a fish eye lens is on my “must get” list now. It’s so much fun!! 
The dress…oh my!
Corsets are my favorite. 
These two were all smiles that day!
Quite possibly my favorite bride shot. Ever. 
Oh the details
So much love!!

Had to replicate their engagement photo (with almost 6000 pins on Pinterest!)
There isn’t always a balcony at the churches. This one had one and I HAD to get this shot! Love it!
See?? Beautiful day!!
They got married in the tiny town of Nenzel. As you can see there isn’t much traffic there 😉
Their son is just the cutest!
Happy Family

The girls were too much fun! 

We had a time trying to get this shot, but it was totally worth it!
Little ~A~ was worn out by the time the ceremony started! This was about 10 minutes in…

I love capturing the little moments during the ceremony!
Oh this church was stunning!
Again, all smiles!

Seriously, LOVE!
Their cake was simple and elegant, loved it!

 So sweet…
Oh this couple is too cute for words, and the love between them is never ending! I wish them a lifetime of happiness in the Sandhills!! Congratulations, C & J!
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