2013 Another Year in the books! {Southern Minnesota Wedding and Portrait Photographer}

I had another whirl wind of a year this year. We moved…again. This time back to Minnesota near my husband’s hometown. I was very sad to leave Nebraska (shed a lot tears on moving day!). However, we now have two little ones and it means the world to me to be closer to our families.
That was another big thing to happen to us this year. We welcomed our little girl into the world in September. It made sessions a bit more challenging, but that much more fun!
Starting from scratch again was not easy, but I am making it work. I was so blessed to have the sessions I did this year. Trusting someone you don’t know to capture special moments is not easy and people did, and for that I thank you.
Probably my biggest change is my name and branding! Those of you who have been here since the beginning know I started out as KH Imaging. When I started I knew nothing about branding and making a name for yourself. I just took my initials and ran with it. Oh if I knew then what I know now 😉 I loved the learning process that I had to take though. I love my new name and branding, I hope you do too!
Thank you to all of my friends both far and wide. I appreciate all the kind word of encouragement to keep me going. I had days where I wanted to just be done, but you pulled me through and made me realize “this too shall pass”. It means so much to me for people to ask ME to help them with their photos, or which camera they should purchase. I just never thought I would be on that end of it. I am so happy to be where I am and can’t wait to continue seeing new people through my lens and to keep “capturing smiles one person at a time”.
Let’s begin THE BEST OF 2013
Starting with:
These three were such a joy!
One of my last Nebraska sessions, I couldn’t pick just one favorite!
I love this family and hope to capture them more in the future!
Family portraits is where I started this journey. When I started this business 3 years ago, I just wanted to shoot. I had no idea where to start. Families seemed to be a good place. I believe family portraits are extremely important to capture. Time goes by so quickly! I plan on having my own family portraits done for the first time by someone else this year! Exciting!!
Next up:
 Oh the laughs!

 Sweet cheeks!
The innocence
Children was a genre I feel like I am good at seeing as I have my own. I get down on their level and just follow them. Let them do their thing. I get a kick out of the things they do and say. And it is so true, they do grow SO fast!!
My new passion:
My first senior session in a long time…instantly hooked! Of course Mariah made my job easy!
I was so glad Morgan was willing to get in the water!! One of my all time favorites!
~H~ rocked it!!
Who knew a fallen brick wall would be the BEST prop?! I am still trying to figure out how to keep it…
I was nervous about ~A~’s session. But he was so much fun!
I really didn’t think I would like senior portraits, as I have said before. But, wow, there are a blast! It takes me back to my time in High School and how I would have done my senior portraits. I get to bring out their personalities and beauty. Can’t wait for 2015 seniors!!! Thank you to the seniors that took a chance with me and let me capture their senior year, I truly enjoyed myself!
(keep your eyes open, will be recruiting 2015 reps starting in January) 
Oh Love:
This image has gotten around and I love that!! This couple is my first 2014 wedding and I am so excited to head back to Nebraska to shoot it!!
Horses and a sunset? Yes please!! Swoon!
I include engagement sessions with all my wedding packages. It helps me get to know the couple and capture their love story. I am looking forward to meeting more couples in 2014!
Last but certainly not least:
The last minute Winter wedding. Oh the adventures we had that day! It was so worth it!
Cool Nebraska Summer day. The sun came out just in time for pictures! Oh and I ran in a church…oops! 🙂

I traveled back to NE from MN for this wedding. I knew afterward that it was going to be my last for the year. It wasn’t the easiest getting around big and pregnant. But they worked it and it was a beautiful, HOT, day!

I had three weddings this year. All in Nebraska. Again, I was a new kid on the block there and was so grateful for those couples that chose me to capture their big days. It’s not easy to choose someone to do that, and you chose me. Thank you. A huge thank you to my assistants this year as well. They put up with a pregnant photographer that couldn’t run and get things as quickly as they could, so they did a lot of running for me 🙂 I hope they learned something from their experience. I know one of them did, I have seen her work, she is going places! 

As I mentioned in my price post, I do plan on trying to specialize in Weddings and Seniors in 2014. This is genuinely where my heart lies. However, I will not turn away a session if I can make it work.

Oh 2013 you have been quite a year! I am looking forward to meeting so many new people in 2014! Bridal shows, senior reps, boudoir marathons, oh my!

Here’s to 2014 and a bright future for Kyleen Olson Photography!!


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