Oh if only life were easy…{Minnesota Natural Light Photographer}

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6   
If you know me, you know my horse is very special to me. I have posted about him before. He has been there for me through a lot and has traveled to four different states with us. He is the only horse I trusted to ride in any stage of pregnancy, trusted with my Son, and knew he would always take care of me.
My husband has owned him since he was a two old and has watched him grow into a wonderful horse. I had dreams of my children learning to ride on him, and for him to always be with us. Sometimes God has other plans.
As you all know we recently moved to Minnesota. When we were making the decision, my husband mentioned that we will probably have to sell the horses. My heart broke. I thought it over a lot and came to the realization that it would be ok. We will get our own farm in a few years and there are many horses out there that can teach my children and that need love. It didn’t come easy.
My husband took the new job and with this job we had to take our horses to his grandparents farm. 30 minutes away. I thought at first it wouldn’t be a big deal running down there to see our horses brush them at least (being 33 weeks along, I can’t really ride at this point). I started to convince my husband that we should keep the horses. Next Summer I will ride more, I want to get back into showing, I won’t be pregnant. However, I will have two small children. As much as I talked myself into it, the more my brain kept telling me, “Ky, you really think next Summer will be easier? Two kids, verses one? Still 30 minutes away….” My heart sank again. My husband was right. While I love my horse, oh so much, he just sits. At the prime of his life he should be enjoying the trail, getting loved on every day.
As I sit here, I’m crying. I wanted to get my bridal photos taken with him next Summer, I wanted to trail ride again. Oh so much I wanted to do. We do have friends with horses, and Grandpa always has foals every  year that we can see and get that smell on us that we love so much.
Now, the good thing in all of this is, the person who bred Hank wants to buy him back. She is willing to let us come see him, we are Facebook friends so I can see him being loved and taken care of. I know she will love him as much as I do. She knows that if she ever wanted to sell him that I get first dibs. This to me is good. He will only have two owners his whole life, he deserves that.
I thought I would share some favorite moments of Hank with our most recent first.  I have many photos, a chalk drawing, and a canvas painting of my special boy. No horse will take his place.


 These two share a special bond


He is the sweetest boy
 Our last shot together…for now!

He’s been with my husband and I since our relationship began. He is a part of our story together. As I walked him to the trailer yesterday I cried and gave him lots and lots of kisses. I told him he would be loved and paid attention to constantly. That I still love him and will always. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do loading him into the trailer.

 His new owner said I could come visit him and ride…and you KNOW I will be taking her up on her offer!!

My special horse. Forever in my heart.


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