Everything happens for a reason…

…it doesn’t make it any easier.

Here it is the news you have all be waiting for:

Part One~

We. Are. Moving.

Yes, you read that correctly. However, this time we are moving HOME to Minnesota!! My husband was offered a job near his hometown and we had to jump at the chance. It was NOT an easy decision. This place will be SO HARD to leave.

This last year and a half has been AMAZING! I have met some wonderful people and have been able to share their smiles. I designed the MOST amount of Christmas cards in my career last year! Which is incredible! I formed wonderful relationships with the other local photographers and I will always treasure that. They are so talented.

This time spent in the Sandhills has taught me that I can stand out in a crowd of talented people. There is room for all of us in this industry and I truly felt that in this area.

No worries, I won’t be leaving for a few more weeks so if you want to get a session in before I leave, please contact me and we will make it happen! Especially those with credits!

I do travel for weddings and would love to travel back to the area to capture someone’s special day. So please do not hesitate to contact me in the future!

I will be returning next Summer for a wedding. I will be announcing when it is and will make sure to allow enough time to squeeze in a few sessions if desired.

I truly love this area and plan on making visits as much as possible. This place will always hold a piece of my heart. You know what they say about sand 😉

Part Two~

“If I knew then what I know now…” my business would be completely different. I learned a lot in the last four years. I wish I would have taken my business slower and really did my research before jumping in and “going for it”. I made mistakes (I still do!) but more importantly, I learned from them. I have better business sense now. That’s important.

As much as I love my business name and the history it holds for me, it also reminds me of my naïve younger self. I wish I had thought harder on my business name when starting out.

So, starting next week I will now be known as~

I have waited eight years to have this name, and darn it I am going to use it!! 😀 The colors are very much “me” bright and friendly. Session fees will stay the same (however, I will no longer be offering mini sessions) and print pricing will be the same.
Over the weekend I will be working on my website so it will be in transition for a few days. Please be patient. 

Thank you to all of you who have supported me in my business. This is truly what I love to do and feel very blessed to share my passion with other people. I hope to continue to grow for many years to come!!!


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