Project 52 (week 1&2) {Nebraska Portrait Photographer}

I am participating in a new challenge this year! Yeah! This time it will be every week. I have gotten the list from Sweet Emotions Photography and there is quite a few of us participating. I know I am late on week one, and I will get better, or I will try at least!

Week 1 was “Composition- Learn it and learn to break it”
Generally my subjects go by the “rule of thirds” where the attention is drawn toward either side, top or bottom. I thought this photo of my Monster was perfect. I just LOVE his feet. Growing up I had a bit of a phobia of feet, but I could stare at his all day long. He is very expressive with his feet as well. Watching him watch TV or play a game, his toes are moving constantly. Melts my heart. Oh how I love him. 

Week two is “Blue- emotion or color? What does it mean to you?”
I chose Gordon. My Monster got a train table for Christmas from his grandparents. He could live in the toy room at this point. My husband and I take turns playing train with Monster and he just loves it! So, Gordon is by Blue.
Next week is “Patterns”, hmmm I need to get creative! Please visit Sweet Emotions Photography and check out her weekly photos as well as the list of participating photographers. We love to hear from our followers! Maybe you can throw an idea out to me! 

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