~F~ Wedding 6-15-2012 St.Paul, MN {Traveling Wedding Photography}

I met ~A~ eight years ago when my fiance’ introduced us. They have known each other their entire lives, and they turn into children when they get together (boys!) 😉 Over the years I started to consider him one of my friends as well, A has such a good heart. When he told us he was engaged to ~K~, we were so excited for him! They asked me to take their wedding photos, and I couldn’t have been more honored.
There were a few firsts for me with this wedding. First of all, I have never worked for friends before. I put more pressure on myself so I would give them the best possible photos I could produce. Another first was NINE, count them NINE on each side in this wedding party. I haven’t shot more then five. We made it work and had fun with it.  On top of that, my fiance’ was in the wedding. He has never seen me at work before, so I warned him that I become bossy and will lay on the ground 🙂 Overall, it was a great day. K was beautiful, her girls were fabulous, the guys cracked me up, and I even cried (with everyone else!).
{Beware Photo overload~ I couldn’t help it!}
Probably one of the most emotional first looks I have ever done. So sweet.
They were up for anything I threw at them.
And not opposed to kissing! 🙂

~K~ Was a beautiful bride!

The skyline made for some pretty awesome photos!!

What’s cuter then a new Aunt talking with her new neice??
Like I said, LARGE wedding party. They were all good sports though, and we had a blast!

LOVED K’s shoes. The little heart made them that more fabulous!

Their said vase said “Together Forever”. The five candles were memory candles. I love this idea.

The ceremony took place at Wabasha Street Caves, so literally we were in the side of a hill. VERY cool (but dark) vevue. It is the most haunted place in St.Paul, MN!
There were a lot of happy tears that day!

Ah, the first dance.

It was a very emotional Mother/Son dance as well. So sweet.

The cake was done by A’s mom and dad, they did a beautiful job!
I am so pleased that A&K had me be a part of their special day. I love them both so much, and wish them nothing but a lifetime of happiness!!

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