Friday Photo Week 14

It’s Easter weekend. I love this holiday, OK I love all of them! This year it was so much fun dying Easter eggs with my son. He is at that age where he is into everything! It took a lot of effort to tear him away from the food coloring, but alas we finally got him to bed. This morning the first thing he says to me “Shaw, watch eggs”. Uh oh. All day I had to crush his dreams of dying more eggs. Until next year buddy.

Thank you to the genius that posted the whisk idea on Pinterest! It worked like a charm!
I had plans for this week’s photo to be of my son playing in the sprinkler on Sunday. Yes, April 1st we saw temps in the 90s, with no wind. It was so nice! Not ready for that steady heat yet, but it was refreshing.

Last year he was terrified of the sprinkler. This year he ran constantly for a good 45 minutes (never taking his hat off). He even, at one point, ran face first into it to try to drink the water! This summer should be fun!
Happy Easter Everyone!

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