Another tidbit about me :-)

On this blustery day I decided to blog a little bit about another passion I have in life~


I have always loved books, ever since I was young. When I was in elementary school I would write stories and my teacher would have me read them out loud to the class~ embarrassing! I have never finished a story, but have all of my “starts” and someday I will write a novel…that’s a dream.

I don’t think I will ever purchase a kindle or other electronic reader. I LOVE getting books from the library, and having them smell all musty and used…there’s nothing like it. On the other hand, I love buying books and reading them so often that the binding starts to fall apart. I have read “Summer Sisters” at the start of every Summer since 2001…yeah I’m serious. I know what happens, but every time something new pops out at me, even 10 years later.

I have read the Harry Potter series at least 3 times each book. I like to read the book before each movie comes out to refresh my memory…speaking of which can’t WAIT for the second half of the Deathly Hallows!! Twilight is another series I read before each movie, and have read each book twice since I got the boxed set 2 years ago. I love it.

My husband thinks I’m crazy to read books over and over, but there’s just something about them that draws me back. Finding something new, or remembering a part I had forgotten and getting that excited feeling all over again!

The books I have read so far this year…minus The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo it was a library book

I am now reading “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” series. I’m on book two “The Girl who played with Fire” and will probably finish it by the end of the weekend. I may have to buy this series as well….they are captivating! I would be reading it now if I hadn’t forgotten to get it out of my room before my Son went down for his nap!

The books I read over and over….<3

I hope I pass my love of books on to my Son. They are magical to me and transport me to a different place, and I can’t get enough. Both of my parents are readers and I am grateful that they encouraged me to be an avid reader. I love that my father-in-law is a huge reader and passes books on to me.

Life wouldn’t be the same without imagination and words….

What are your favorite books? I am also looking for the next book to read!


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