‘Tis the season! It’s time for the color blog challenge. Quick recap, a group of photographers and I have been challenging ourselves each month of this year. It was a way to utilize our blogs if we had been neglecting them, or just to challenge ourselves to bust out our cameras if they hadn’t been […]

Ah, here we are again! I feel like my blog as been neglected. Please forgive me. We are getting married in a week and a half and things are CRAZY around here, but in a good way! 😀 To recap you on what this blog post is about. A group of fellow photographers and I […]

Here we are again! It’s that time of the month. A little recap as we are now halfway through our color challenge! A group of fellow photographers and I got together and decided to challenge ourselves. Each month we have a different color or colors that we have to photograph. The subject can be anything […]

I am a bit late on my color blog this month, I apologize!! It is a holiday weekend, after all! This month our colors were yellow and/or blue. I went home this month to Michigan, as some of you may know. My first photos is of a daffodil, which I always love to see when […]

It’s another month, which means another color blog! This month is Pink and/or Purple. I recently went out with my son and took some photos of the flowers in our yard. I do believe this is an Apple Blossom (I’m not real plant savvy!). I just love the way these flowers smell and took a […]

As you know by now, I am participating in a color blog challenge with some fellow photographers. It’s a way to challenge ourselves throughout the year. March was green and/or yellow/gold.  Since it has been unseasonably warm this spring, my Son and I have been outside quite a bit. He LOVES to go “fishing” in […]

Month 2! Color(s) Pink and/or Red in the month of LOVE! I wanted to do something a tad different this month. I, of course, got my shots for this month during Valentine’s Day! I made a red velvet cake~ YUM! My Son LOVES cake, no, seriously, asks for it everyday. No, I don’t make them […]

I hope you enjoy viewing my January Color Challenge blog post! Seeing as January’s color(s) is Blue and/or White I went with the blue sky here in Nebraska and for a subject I chose one of the many windmills we use in this area. We don’t have any snow, and it pretty much feels like […]

 Image by Tru You Photography  I am participating in a Monthly photo challenge with a group of photography friends! It should be lots of fun, and I hope you follow us on this journey. I want to challenge myself this year, to not only make my work the best it can be and […]




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